Master the skills
of happiness in this
engaging online course!

Michelle Gielan partnered up with her husband Shawn Achor to create an inspiring, practical 2-part course based on the science of positive psychology.

Learn from Shawn and Michelle how to get the happiness advantage by broadcasting happiness to:

  • Experience 23% less stress and 31% greater energy
  • Connect more deeply with the┬ápeople you care about most
  • Inoculate your brain against negativity
  • Deal better with negative people and help them feel more empowered and optimistic
  • Make happiness a habit
  • Plus get exclusive access to the “How Happy Are You” assessment to learn your happiness personality.

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“Shawn Achor and his wife Michelle Gielan are carving out new territory in the latest science on how positive thinking can literally change the trajectory of our lives.”