My name is Lisa, and like so many, I struggle with day-to-day life challenges. I am a recovered alcoholic. My alcoholism contributed to the break up of my family. But as your book says, everyone has a story, and going backwards serves no real purpose. So I have taken up the gratitude challenge along with a group of my bff’s (we’re all about 47-49 yrs old and have been friends for 38 years). We’ve all had our struggles: parents have died, children ripped away in divorce, and daily crap happens, but I’ve asked each of them to tell me the best part of their day, and I do the same … I’ll keep you posted on our experiment, so far the group is on day 3, but I am on about 7 … all the people, I’ve asked and practiced on have showed me so much love in response, my jeweler, my grocer, my doctor. And all the people in-between. I am not going to use negative talk about myself, because, I am human and have made mistakes. And I am being rigorously honest with myself, and others. I don’t want my life to be one of regret, and how could it be; I am so loved, by friends & family. I just have to be kinder to myself, and continue to add more pleasantries to my day-to-day life. Thank you so much.