What’s Working | The Huffington Post

What They Do

Huffington Post’s What’s Working is a dedicated section for empowering, solutions-focused news. Stories are gathered from all over the world, showcasing individuals and organizations who are making real changes. Coverage is centered on “the stories of creativity, innovation, ingenuity and compassion the media too often overlooks.”

What They’re About

What’s Working provides solutions-focused news stories from all over the world for readers in one spot. Stories range from business-focused (entrepreneurs creating new businesses), to global (i.e. how you can help refugees from Syria), to local (steps you can do each day to be more productive). The hope is to provide readers with a sense of empowerment and the tools to create effective changes in their own communities, and even the world at large.

And the best part? There’s so much good news and empowering stories that the Huffington Post has created eight subsections, including Impact X (how technology is creating positive changes) and Community Pioneer (highlighting an individual who is making substantial improvements in the community).

The Huffington Post does a great job summing up why What’s Working is a great example of Transformative Journalism: “We’ve heard of copycat crimes. Our hope is that by showing the complete picture of our world, What’s Working will inspire copycat solutions.”

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