The Positive Animal

What They Do

The Positive Animal is a website featuring news and stories on animal advocacy and veganism from all over the world, focusing on a love of animals and kindness, instead of anger towards animal abusers. The Positive Animal aims to present stories in a factual manner and be a source of positive tools for anyone looking to make their own advocacy more powerful.

What They’re About

Two main differences between other animal rights and advocacy sites and The Positive Animal are that The Positive Animal features stories and news on animal advocacy from all over the world and not just English-speaking countries and The Positive Animal focuses on emphasizing a love for animals instead of anger towards animal abusers. Stories come with a checklist of action-steps that readers can take to get more involved, and readers are also presented with positive psychology tools that they can use in their own advocacy.

This online publication was founded in 2015 by Editor-in-Chief, Laurent Carrer, who got the idea for the project when he realized that most of the news featured in the US on animal rights and advocacy mainly focused on English-speaking countries.

By focusing on the positive, what’s working, and providing achievable ways to work towards a solution, The Positive Animal embodies transformative journalism.

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