NW Indiana Life

What They Do

NW Indiana news focuses on reporting positive and local news, covering the communities of Valpo, Portage, and La Porte County in Indiana founded by Christopher Mahlmann. The two principles of the company are:
  • Publish information that’s of interest to people in and around Northwest Indiana.
  • All information published is positive.

What They’re About

After spending a career in the financial markets on trading floors, immersed in a world of crude oil, Japanese Yen quotes, Dow Jones, Reuters and Bloomberg news, Chris Mahlmann left it all behind. A move to Northwest Indiana triggered Mahlmann’s change in career and focus. Seeing the local schools and nonprofit groups struggle to share with the community all of the great things they were doing, Mahlmann knew something had to change, and NW Indiana Life was born.

In a mere six years, he and his team have cultivated an impressive 60,000 readers and built libraries of positive content with over 50,000 articles, 60,000 events, 800 videos and 2600 organizations or people contributing to their network. With a team of 30+ (a big leap from the 3 people above his garage that started the company) and serving four networks in the Lake, Porter and La Porte county in NW Indiana, Mahlmann is  currently expanding to cover the South Bend and Michigan region.

As Mahlmann states, “Sometimes you just know when something should be different than it is, and the spark you each have in common is the drive to make it happen and not succumb to the drumbeat that resists change.”

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