What They Do

JustGoodNews.biz pulls together business and economic news stories that are useful and positive, all free of charge. Separating stories out by state, it’s a great resource for anyone looking for job opportunities, news on the latest startups and organizations and companies doing good in their community.

What They’re About

Founded in 2012, JustGoodNews.biz highlights good economic news that’s happening here, celebrating the achievements of American companies and workers. They’ve published over 20,000 success stories so far!

Readers can find information on: business intelligence, job opportunities, up-and-coming communities, new startups, investment opportunities and markets, breakthroughs in education and workforce policies, and resources for job relocation.

They cite their readers as “CEO’s, entrepreneurs, small business owners, startups, company leaders at all levels, job seekers, economic developers, government and chamber leaders and site locators,” with an overwhelming 98% signing up to read positive business news, followed by 60% being interested in business connections.

JustGoodNews focuses on offering empowering news that helps readers feel activated, filling in a much needed gap in business news coverage.

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