IVOH Restorative Narratives

What They Do

IVOH, Images & Voices of Hope, is a non-profit dedicated to changing the way media works, believing that media agents can help change the world for the better. They share news that embodies the world we want to live in, share solutions to the tough questions, and highlight those who are already creating a difference. In addition to sharing news stories of hope, they host an annual media summit, hold local conversations, and provide a Fellowship program for five journalists to allow them the time to report on a Restorative Narrative.

What They’re About

IVOH was founded in 1999 in Manhattan, and became an independent 501C 3 in 2008. Their mission is “to strengthen the role of media as agents of world benefit.” They are focused on sharing Restorative Narratives, which they define as ” a genre of stories that show how people and communities are learning to rebuild and recover in the aftermath, or midst of, difficult times.”

To this end, each week they publish several stories highlighting how the media is creating positive change and impacting society for the better. The annual media summit they host brings together media practitioners from around the world to discuss how to further create solutions-focused news. And their fellowship program allows five journalists to take six months to delve deep into creating a Restorative Narrative.

They are expanding their reach and testing out offering training to media agents to help them create news that is helpful and empowering. The goal is to create media that takes the news further than just reporting on the tragedy or challenges out in the world today, and present steps we can take to help alleviate these difficulties and ways that things are going well. IVOH shares that true Restorative Narratives “are authentic & sustained, are responsive to the community, awaken a sense of human connection, and reveal something universal, yet localized.”

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