Coda Story

What They Do

Coda Story is founded by Natalia Antelava and Ilan Greenberg and is a New York-based journalism startup. Instead of focusing on multiple breaking news stories, Coda Story picks one issue to cover and reports on it in-depth for up to a year. This is an anecdote to the media’s current reporting method of quickly presenting stories and often only raising fear and questions rather than offering analysis and solutions.

What They’re About

Founded by Natalie Antelava and Ilan Greenberg, Coda Story gives readers an in-depth look at a crisis, focusing and reporting on a single issue for up to year. This approach was inspired by Antelava’s experience reporting on stories like the violent anti-government uprising in Yemen, and not being given the resources or time to report on more than just the basics of the crisis. The current way media approaches covering stories often leaves questions and confusion on how this crisis can be helped and how it plays into the larger workings of the world.

Antelava and Greenberg hope that their site will benefit policy makers, people in the middle of the crisis, and anyone who’s read a breaking-news story and been left wanting more. Coda Story aims to present journalism that delves deeper and provides understanding into how events affect not just those in the midst of it, but all of us.

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